League Statistics and Matchup Updates
We built this site because: we.love.fantasy.statistics! And so today we're releasing a new batch of fantasy league statistics, records, and more!

We're always looking to add new ways to analyze your league so we've got some fun additions for this release and even more on the way in the future.

Points Share
Your league size and scoring may change over the years and therefore comparing points can sometimes be confusing or misleading. We are introducing a new metric, Points Share, or how much your scored as a percentage of the total league scoring for a given week or season. In order to compare season-to-season, we normalize this stat for easier comparisons across league history.

A new category for your record book - Milestones! Milestones will build and update overtime to show when each member hits specific benchmarks in league history and how long it took them to reach those marks!

Versus Records
For H2H leagues, we've added some fun versus records to your league record book. Find out who has been the most dominate against an opponent.

Transactions Records
As we work on continuing to expand our history coverage, we've added some transaction records for services we currently support that data. More here coming soon...

Matchups Redesign
We're always revisiting, tweaking, and improving existing features. Our Matchup widget redesign came out great and is a huge UI improvement and also adds easy access to the weekly newsletter and superlatives from the weekly results!

We continue to expand our statistics and league history analysis and more is on the way!