Manually Add Season

Don't see your fantasy service? No problem!

Manually create your Fantasy League Season data and get all the great features of League Legacy.

Manage your League members and finances, track and analyze your League history, member and season statistics, and compare League members H2H or see who the all-time greats are in your League record book. Leverage in-season tools and features to power your League all season long.

Become the Greatest Commissioner by providing your League Members with the best League Management tools and features with even more on the way.

Start building your League Legacy today.

Fantasy League

Become the Greatest Commissioner

Everything you need to manage your Fantasy League

The best suite of fantasy league tools to manage your league history, members, finances, records, content, data and more.

League History

Track your league's history season-to-season with overall standings, past champions, and more.

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League Management

Manage your league members and teams with easy to use commissioner tools.

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Record Book

Discover who's the best and who's the worst across dozens of records, streaks, and rankings.

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League Website

Build the ultimate home for your entire fantasy league.

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Member Stats

Analyze your league members' performance over the history of your league.

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Fantasy Tools

Provide content and features to your League all season long with in-season tools.

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